Viktoria Shvoren
Viktoria Shvoren (born 1987) is the artist from Kaliningrad. Some Victoria's words about her work: «The process of making art is the present moment of my life, some other dimension without time and events, heroes and vanity. That is my truth, which is constantly beyond the doubt and changes in search of ideal harmony. At the moment of creation I am confident and determined as making art is not a pain or hard experience, but the window with the view of the ocean of power, to of and space. And I open it to transform all the information mass made of memories and wishes, heard and seen, real and unreal onto the canvas surface. That mass is the result of permanently moving streams-my soul and her environment»
2005 – Zdarzehenia (Tchev,Poland)
2005, 2007-2009 – Exhibition of young artists (Artists Union)
2009 – solo exhibition «Thoughts of colour» (Museum of Arts, Kaliningrad)
2013 – Exhibition of young artists (Artists Union)
2013, 2014 – «Art Session» (the international festival of young artists)
2014 – Solo exhibition «Monologue»
2014 – Solo exhibition «Horizons»
2015 – Solo exhibition «Ruins»
2015 – Member of Russian Artists Union
2016 – Young artists exhibition
2016 – Solo exhibition «Fragments»
2017 – «Liki Rossii» (Moscow)
2017 – «Transitions» contemporary art festival (Elblág, Poland)
2018 – Solo exhibition in Artists House (Kaliningrad)
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