— a community of curators and art-managers who work on enriching cultural landscape and promoting contemporary and social practice art in Kaliningrad region.
Our current projects:
Promote contemporary art in all its forms
Besides supporting young artists who speak the language of visual arts Art-Vorota promote other forms of contemporary art. We launched a poetic festival «Golosa» (Voices) and New Russian Wave music festival «Pochva» (Soil).

We try to court Kaliningrad city dwellers into the nets of contemporary art by explaining what it is, why and how it started, why it is important and how it affects peoples lives. That's how we came up with several educational projects: «Art to the masses», a series of lectures on the history of XX-XI century art; «Theater for people», a series of lectures on the history of theater.
Bring together young forward-looking professionals from creative industries around Kaliningrad region
One of our main objectives is to bring together young professionals working in creative industries. Over the last 3,5 years our team realized a unique mapping of the Kaliningrad creative market, including places, people and associations using our own research and third party contributions. We constantly look for new opportunities to unite art-managers, producers and curators for new projects.
Grow Kaliningrad market of creative industries
Having a grasp of needs and prospects of regional creative industries, Art-Vorota team is set to improve communication between public sector and creative businesses. Bringing together creative professionals from around the Kaliningrad region helps to promote a unique brand of «creative Kaliningrad» out in Russia and abroad.
Transform public places
In 2014 Art-Vorota team successfully transformed a waste lot next to the XIX-century historic building, the Zakheim gate, into the public garden by rallying the locals who lived near the site to participate in beautifying this abandoned lot.

Revitalization of the Zakheim gate itself by turning it into one of a kind art space and gallery is another effective example of urban redevelopment.Apart from literally redeveloping urban spaces, Art-Vorota applies artistic methods to transforming the perception of urban spaces. The street exhibition «Most» (Bridge), a part of «Street Food Weekend», brought together 6 artists who created decorative installations under the bridge, thus, bringing public attention to the potential of the unused space under the Kaliningrad Scaffold bridge.
Organize festivals
In 2016, together with our partners we took on the organization of the city-wide festivals. Our first music festival «When streets sound» introduced the city dwellers to the works of composers of classical music, let them discover new and unknown spaces in Kaliningrad and embrace the city's historical heritage.
Design creative products
Art-Vorota team works on developing online and offline creative products that allow to fully take advantage of the resources and capabilities local creative professionals.

«Art-Vorota» is open to collaborations and new projects!
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